Courtyard Impossible / Possible

Looking at the before shot from inside the house looking into slope of the back yard coming in.

This was the hardest part of the project as this was the access to get every thing up to the top of the project. 18 tonne of product had to be carried up by hand and in buckets. Even the wheel borrow had to taken apart to get it through the gap. All the concrete was mixed by hand in the wheel borrow and of course done by one person.

First stage of the construction is always the dig out and levelling of the product. As there was only small area to access the back so I had to create the level with out taking any product away just bringing in product.

After the dig out, starting to concrete in the granite pavers.

Granite stairs getting concreted in one level at a time.

Porphyry walls going in with reinforcement and drainage for strength.

Basalt paving as its getting laid onto concrete on the second level on the project.

Basalt paving finished and grouted and showing the new stairs to the next level.

Basalt paving finished looking at from the top level down to the house.

Finished photo with all the landscape in place, ready for a table and fire pit on the basalt paving.

Another angle of the project as the walling is going in.

Another angle of the project as the walling is going in. Next stage as the walls goes up.

Finished project from the other angle.

Stairs going to the very top of the project.

Stairs to the top.